Focused & Aligned

His Purpose. His Plan.


Chaundra Nicole Gore, MSL is the visionary author of the Focused & Aligned Anthology and she has compiled a very transparent experience of women who are focused & aligned with God's purpose in their life. These stories will take you on a journey to find out what they are focused on, how they became focused and aligned, and lastly how they maintain their focus. This is not just a book, but true accounts from their life experiences on how they overcame fear and walked by faith.

There are so many women that know their true God-given purpose and ability throughout this world, but there are also many who don’t. Many women are stuck and confused about what they really should be doing. The difference between these two types of women is that the ones who are focused and aligned, impact and touch the world with their gifts. A few steps that will be talked about within this anthology are – meditating on the word o God, fasting, fervent and effective prayer, guarding your mouth, and protecting your ear and eye gates.


Each of the women on this project has been through numerous trials and tribulations that have impacted their birthing season of what God has for them to do in the kingdom. This anthology is designed to help women become focused and aligned on God and his purpose and plan for their life.


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