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• Lens of Faith •

/lenz əv fāTH/ noun

A walking, living testimony that we are able to conqueror any trial or tribulations that comes our way by having faith in God to see us through. A walking testimony to show others if we can do it, they can too.

Chaundra Nicole Gore

Chaundra Nicole Gore, MSL is a Radio talk show host on the Encouraging Yourself Show on All Nations Stellar Award Winning Radio station, Host of Thursday Night at 8 with LensOfFaith LIVE on Facebook/YouTube, leadership strategist, destiny catalyst, international speaker, motivational coach, ghostwriter, Amazon bestselling author, the Founder and CEO of Lens of Faith Photography LLC, Lens of Faith Speaks, Lens of Faith Speaks Coaching and Consulting, Chancellor of Lens Of Faith Academy of Servant Leadership and CEO of L of F Victorian Militant Prophetic Wear. She is a disabled Army Veteran who has served over 19+ years in United States Army, as well as a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, a member Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority Incorporated, an advocate for Service members as a member of The Association for United States Army, Brand Ambassador for We Are Women of Substance, Brand Ambassador for L.I.F.T (Ladies Intentionally Following Through), Brand Ambassador for Black Women Handling Business, and Brand Ambassador for Unstoppable Black Women. Outside of all of her professional titles, she is a mother and a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse.


Her passion is to help heal people who have suffered abuse, trauma, low self-esteem, doubt, and fear and provide resources and tools to help them heal and grow.


Chaundra has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management. A Master’s of Science in Leadership. Currently a Doctoral Student at Grand Canyon University pursuing ED.d (Organizational Leadership). Chaundra is currently a writer in the Aspiring Authors Magazine. Chaundra has been featured in “The Untold Chronicles” Magazine (May 2019 Edition). She has been interviewed on the Dr. Jason Carthen Show, Life Perspectives with Leslie, The Morning Show with Bishop on All Nations Stellar Award-Winning Show, I Am Just Nia Morning Show, Lady Kay Chat Show, Walking In your Purpose with Angela, Triumph Services – Women Transformed, and the Erica Latrice Show. Chaundra authored her first book January 2019 “I Am A Lens Of Faith”, after becoming a co-author on her first anthology “We Are Women of Substance”. She is also a co-author in “Lift, Launch, Lead”, “Unleashing the Roar”, co-author in “100 Words of Inspiration”, co-author “Queens Supporting Queens Anthology and the Visionary Author of Focused & Aligned Anthology.

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